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We at Alabama Clinics provide treatment for a range of health conditions and tests with some of the best doctors in the state. We have certain facilities and treatments that are not available in any other clinic or hospitals in a 150-mile radius. We believe that happiness is contagious and dependent upon a person’s personal health. A person’s health not only influences their life but also the people around them. Therefore, Alabama Clinics' prime motive is preventive care, accurate diagnosis and premium treatment. Our patients are not just numbers for us, they are part of the Alabama Clinics family and therefore each staff member strives their best to provide superior care to all its visitors.

  • Quote image Our doctors treat every patient as individuals. Every patient is treated meticulously and with extreme confidentiality.
  • Quote image We treat a wide variety of painful conditions from acute pain (post-injury and post-surgical pain) to chronic pain (chronic spine pain, nerve pain, chronic musculoskeletal pain, headaches).
  • Quote image We provide Ketamine Infusion Therapy that has helped many treat their depression, chronic mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, PPD, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and CRPS/RSD.
  • Quote image We have a marvelous Autistic Treatment Center.
  • Quote image We have one of the best Substance-Abuse Treatment programs.
  • Quote image We treat a range of Mood, Personality and Developmental Disorders.
  • Quote image We provide non-surgical options for Interventional Pain Management
  • Quote image We provide early diagnosis for Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Cognition Impairment, which can prevent Alzheimer's disease from happening at a later age.
  • Quote image We have in-house ANS, EKG, X-ray, UDS Confirmation, and other labs and procedures, which expedites diagnosis and treatment.
  • Quote image $ 4.00 Generics. Tristate Community Pharmacy and Alabama Clinics accept all major healthcare insurance providers including Medicaid, Medicare and Bluecross Blueshield.

Alzheimer's Disease & Memory Disorder Diagnosis

Alabama Clinics multidisciplinary approach incorporates neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, diagnostic imaging, and counseling, to successful and effective treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and memory disorders.


Interventional Pain Management

For chronic pain sufferers, finding relief from their pain can be difficult and time consuming. Sometimes patients are shuffled back and forth between primary care physicians, specialists, and therapists of all kinds in search of a solution to their pain problems. Interventional Pain Management can be a useful alternative for patients who have exhausted other treatment methods without success and may be the solution chronic pain sufferers are looking for.


Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are among the most painful experiences a human being can endure – so painful, in fact, that each year over one million people choose suicide rather than suffering one more day with these conditions. Low Dosage Ketamine Infusion Therapy at Alabama Clinics have proven results on the patients and have found that Ketamine can do what no other drug can do.


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Impulse Control Disorders

Overview Impulse control disorders (ICDs) are characterized by urges and behaviors that are excessive and/or harmful to oneself or others and cause significant impairment in social and occupational functioning, as well as legal and financial difficulties. These disorders are more common than many providers realize and can be extremely destructive and debilitating for individuals, families, […]

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Tips From Our Doctors

Dr. Clifford Quintana's Tip

In case of a sore throat, avoid cold/sour food and beverages. Do gargles of luke-warm saline water. See the doctor as early as possible as it may be a severe infection. The above remedy usually only provides temporary relieve.

Dr. Kenneth Robert's Tip

The winter has arrived. Eat Oranges as it increases the amount of Vitamin C, which works positively in the favor of immune system to fight cold related infections.


Psychiatry Department at Alabama Clinics, headed by Dr. Meghani is one of the best is South Alabama, and has unparalleled accomplishments to account under the department. Dr. Meghani, one of the most renowned Psychiatrist in the United States has a unique way of treating the patients. Dr. Meghani believes in the philosophy that what is not started today is never finished tomorrow. Treatment is our job, Faith is yours.
Neurological disorders are intertwined and complex, some may even exhibit the symptoms as late as 60 years and has fatality less than a year, therefore a regular checkup with neurologist is always a good idea, because a great proportion of the diseases or disorders are preventable or treatable on the early diagnosis. The Department of Neurology at the Alabama Clinics is an iconic example on it’s own. Alabama Clinics have 3 specialized doctors that cater the age spectrum from pediatric to elders. Dr. Pablo Valle-Blacio, Dr. Farouk Khan and Dr. Farrukh Khan that can diagnose or treat spectrum of disorders and diseases.
A proper medical check-up can often be crucial in determining potential health problems, prevention options, or even to make early diagnoses. Alabama Clinics philosophy is firmly focused on the individual and aims to help patients face the second half of life with the most positive attitude possible. Under the supervision of medical professionals, patients are given advice and encouragement to take personal responsibility for their lifestyles, with the support of comprehensive medical check-ups and diagnostic tests. We also focus on prevention instead of repair, through a unique combination of highly competent doctors and cutting-edge technical equipment that seeks to constantly update the clinic’s program of medical check-ups to incorporate the latest research.

Substance-Abuse Treatment (Suboxone Clinic)

At Alabama Clinics Substance-Abuse Treatment Program, we are familiar with the many ways that substance abuse can devastate individuals and families. SUBOXONE/SUBUTEX Treatment Program for Substance-Abuse Disorder including Opioid, Heroin, Pain Medicines, Methamphetamine, Marijuana and Alcoholic Annoymous is the foremost proven treatment provided in special patient-based strategies that Alabama Clinics is champion.


Autistic Treatment Center

Autistic Treatment Center at Alabama Clinics provides a powerful, effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults challenged by Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger's Syndrome , and other developmental difficulties. The program at Autistic Treatment Center at Alabama Clinics is different than - even opposite to - almost everything you've been told to do to help your child. Most schools and therapists, too, are operating on a deep misconception about what autism is and what works to treat it.


Mood and Personality Disorder Program at Alabama Clinics Treatment (MAPeD-PACT)

The Mood and Personality Disorder Program at Alabama Clinics Treatment (MAPeD-PACT) helps patients address trauma and early childhood attachment styles that contribute to mood disorders, personality disorders and co-occurring issues like substance abuse. MAPed-PACT treat various mood and personality disorder including Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar, PTSD, PPD, PMS, ADHD, and many others.


Movement Disorder Specialty

At Alabama Clinics we offer range of movement disorders treatment, ranging from Parkinson's, Tremors, Tourette Syndrome, and others.