Staff Directory

Alabama Clinics have an exceptionally friendly, proficient and dexterous staff. We have been committed to treat patients with utmost care and unprecedented respect. The organizational culture at the Alabama Clinics is revolutionary for its zenith of affability, benevolence, and promotion of culture where everyone comes up as one-team:one-family approach in order to serve the visitors with non-negotiable highest of any possible standards of humanitarianism.

Nancy Gilley is the Chief Administrator at the Alabama Clinics. She comes with an experience of over 20 years in managing and administrating the clinic and Alabama Clinics is proud to have her. She’s known for her humble and problem-solving approach.

Sharon Vickers is the Senior Office Manager and she also leads the Ketamine Infusion Therapy division at the Alabama Clinics. Ms. Vickers has an unparalleled approach to lead, mentor and manage the floor operations.

Christina is the Senior Finance Manager at the Alabama Clinics. She leads the finance and billing department at the Alabama Clinics. She’s highly respected and reputable among the group for her cooperation, analysis and commitment.

Amanda is the Senior Front-desk Manager at the Alabama Clinics.

Lauren is the Senior Front-desk Manager at the Alabama Clinics.

The duo of Amanda-Lauren caters all the patient-related issues from check-in till the check-out. They both have high respect and likeability among the pateints due to their friendliness, kindness and expertise.

Stephanie is the Senior Registered Nurse at the Alabama Clinics. She specializes in running clinical procedures and is one of the best RN in the state of Alabama to provide the Ketamine Infusion I/V.

Alan Lopez is the Lab Director and specializes in his critical analysis and accurate reading of the lab procedures. Ellen has the command over the accuracy of the results.

Ashley is the Ultrasound Procedure Technician at the Alabama Clinics and comes with the precious expertise of diagnostic medical sonography skills. She’s an expert in imaging procedures.

Lemiesha is the Senior Medical Assistant at the Alabama Clinics. She comes with prestigious experience in procedures and functionality, helping doctors and clinicians to smooth their process.

April is the Senior Medical Assistant at the Alabama Clinics. She’s an expert in helping clinicians and doctors with the procedures, and helping with the initial triage of the patients.

Kassidy Gilley is the Operations Manager at the Alabama Clinics. Her commitment and problem-solving approach balances with her skills to operate at various tiers of the organization level and functioning in order to let the operations run smoothly and swiftly.

Ali is the Pharmacy Technician, he is the young blood who’s unprecedented in his multitasking, and grip over various clinical procedures including helping radiologist and imaging technician. Ali’s goal is to pursue MD from UAB.