For Alzheimer’s Disease

Commonly Used Medicines for Alzheimer’s Disease

P.S. Most of the drugs are prescription only. Your doctor will suggest your medicine to use, based upon your individual diagnosis. Some of the medicines are controlled and tough research doesn’t show that the medicines used for Alzheimer’s do interact with alcohol, however alcohol consumption is strictly discouraged while using the medicines for an Alzheimer’s. Please inform your doctor if you are pregnant. The list provided is for information purpose ONLY.
Drug Name
• Aricept

• Namenda

• donepezil

• Exelon

• memantine

• Namenda XR

• Aricept ODT

• galantamine

• rivastigmine

• Razadyne ER

• Razadyne

• vitamin e

• Alpha E

• Namzaric

• Hydergine

• donepezil / memantine

• Vita-Plus E Natural

• Aqua-E

• Aqua Gem-E

• Aquasol E

• Aquavite-E

• E-400 Clear

• E-600

• E Pherol

• ergoloid mesylates

• Nutr-E-Sol

• Reminyl

• E-Gems

• etanercept